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25 August 2007

Statement Sums

The homework for my son (who is studying in class 3) this week is to frame questions based on the mathematical equations given. I am giving below some of the bangalore specific questions that he could have framed.

1. 680-425
There are 680 trees in Kanakapura Main Road. Of this BBMP cut down 425 trees to widen the road. How many trees are left on the road?
2. 6280-4254
There are 6280 employees in Infosys. Of this 4254 are dollar millionaires. How many employees are not dollar millionaires
3. 10-4
Every day Ravi plays 10 games on the internet out of which 4 are boring games. How many interesting games Ravi plays in a day on the internet
4. 20-15
Ram has 20 friends in Orkut. Out of this 15 are boys. How many girl friends does Ram have on Orkut?
5. 5284-5132
Out of 5284 houses in J P Nagar, 5132 houses violate construction rules. How many houses in JP Nagar are constructed without violations
6. 100000-22324
Mr. Gowda got Rupees 100000.00 from BMC for asphalting the main road. He had to pay 22324 as bribe to the BMC official to get the work approved and payment released. How much money did Mr. Gowda earn out of this contract?
7. 9-3
In his 10 year career, Rahul's father has changed 9 companies while in his 9 year career, Vishal's father has changed only 3 companies. How many more companies has Rahul's father changed than Vishal's father?

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