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21 September 2007

Exciting times to be an Indian...

These are heady times to be an Indian. As against 20 years earlier where hindi films portrayed the idea of 'might is right', the new set of movie makers create heroes who work hard to achieve success. Lage Raho...., Chak De India, Iqbal etc are examples of these genre of movies. A study conducted in UK in the early 1900s suggested that 15 years prior to a nation becoming an economic gaint, motivational literature started being published. What this means is that there was a lead time of 15 years from the time the motivational literature started appearing in the media and the country becoming an economic powerhouse!!!
This being an era of information technology and all that, we could cut down that to 5 years. Still it means that with motivational literature making their presense felt like never before, we are looking at India being a global economic powerhouse in the next 5 to 10 years!!. We can only imagine what this could mean to the next generation of this country who are raring to conquer the world....
Looking at what is happening in the Twenty 20 world cup, I think the next gen has arrived faster than we could have imagined. Suddenly it has become clear that the Tendulkers and the Rahul Dravids have become the earlier generation (I hate to say this..). Move over Ponting, Gilchrist, Hayden et al, move over Kiwis, move over Muralis and the Vaases and the Jayawardhanes of the world, the sub continent has arrived.
This team is doubtlessly going to be a world beating side (unless they decide to defeat themselves). In Dhoni, I think we have found an ideal captain - self effacing, simple and who likes his bat to do the talking. He seems to be able to instantly bond with the team unlike the Dravids and the Gangulis who kept a distance between the team and themselves..
Hope he do not change and become 'sophisticated'
This article in NDTV restates my point.

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