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24 September 2007

Word Play: How English Newspapers 'modify' what you say?

Talking to a journalist of an English Newspaper in vernacular is always a risk. You won't know how he can tweak what you say and come up with a totally different meaning altogether.
Take the case of Dhoni, for example. When asked what he thinks of the fact that India has not won a one day match in Jo'burg, he replied in hindi, "Zyada sochke koi faida nahin".
The literal translation is "There is no point in thinking too much". Put it that way, we get the impression that this is a crass captain who plays without thinking.
However the correct translation is "There is no point in thinking too much and unnecessarily worrying". This is the response of a well balanced mind which refuses to worry (not to think!!).
Read here to see what the journo of ET made of this comment in Hindi by Dhoni.

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