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28 September 2007

Good News, Bad News

Here are two 'Good News, Bad News' jokes

Joke 1:
These two guys are very close friend and share the passion for cricket. The decide that if any one of them were to die, he will come in the other's dream and inform him if they do play cricket in heaven.
Well, one of them died and after a few days he came in his friends dream.
"I have good news and bad news. Which one you want to hear first?" he asks his friend.
"I want to hear the good news first" Informed his friend.
"The good news is that we do play cricket in heaven"
"What is the bad news?"
"You are the opening bowler in tomorrow's match"

Joke 2:
"I have got good news and bad news for you." Informs the doctor
"What is the bad news?" Asks the patient.
"The bad news is that we amputated the wrong leg"
"And what could be the good news?"
"Our tests show that your other leg is absolutely fine and do not require amputation"

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