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26 September 2007

Random thoughts on India's victory in TT WC

Well, finally we have won a cricket world cup. What a climax!! I am not sure if in the middle of all the euphoria there are a few things we might have missed. For example,

Did you note that.....

.....Sreeshanth and Misbah were involved in the last wicket to fall in both the matches between India and Pakistan? In the first Misbah was run out by Sreeshanth and in the final.....well watch News Channels
......Only match that India lost was while chasing. We batted first in all the matches that India won. Were we lucky?
......Only major teams to have beaten Australia were India and Pakistan. Other than Zimbabwe, of course (Stupid me. How can I forget Zimbabwe?)
......Gujarat government's delay in announcing rewards for Pathan brothers. Probably worried that it might be rejected. (Read the NDTV Article here) .
......How we are almost writing off Tendulkar, Dravid and Ganguli. It is almost as if they are not important any more.
.....How Shoib Malik apologized to the 'Muslims across the globe' for Pakistan's failure in the finals. (Of course, I know you have noticed it. It is all over the papers and TV channels).
.....Only two maiden overs bowled in the entire world cup by the Indian Players and both were bowled by Sreeshanth

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