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02 October 2007

Bad English

As India integrates with the rest of the world, we keep on tom tomming about our knowledge of english and how that provides us with the competitive advantage with respect to the rest of the non english speaking world. We pride on our felicity with the language and our ability to interpret accurately the nuances of the language.
We should keep in mind that our achievements in the last 10 years or so has made the rest of the world to look up to us with respect and admiration. We should be very careful that we build on it.
I am not very sure that we are giving the right impression in this regard.
I am a member of various forums that deal with ERP and either participate in or observe the communication threads that go in these forums. Let me say with the utmost confidence that some of the comments from Indians is devoid of any grammatical linkage and do not even go through the basic spell check which is available in any decent software.
Mind you, these are purely ERP forums and one can expect that the members who participate in this forum are either ERP consultants or wannabe ERP consultants. Considering that effective communication is the most important aspect of a successful ERP implementation, these exchanges do not inspire much confidence.
My objective is not to deride the ERP consultants. The larger point that I am trying to make is do your homework thoroughly (run spell check, run the posts through a friend who is good in english etc) before posting your comments on these sites which have significant level of international viewership.
I am giving below one example of such communication. Try to find the number of spelling and grammatical errors in this short communication. In this one Suresh is advicing Madhu on how to go about becoming an ERP consultant.
I found this in IT Tool Box in one of the ERP forums.
hai madhu,
i am suresh
its very easy to go to ERP programs like you experence peoples so you have to contact your near ERP learning centres. now a days its very demandful one
have a nice decade (60th indepence day)

If you feel strongly as I do on this, please share your experiences and observations.

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