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05 October 2007

Very Distrubing Scenes on TV

The other day I was watching news on 'Headlines Today' when they showed a scene that shocked me to the core. It was the scene of the death of the malayalam intellectual Vijayan. He died of a massive heart attack while he was attending a press conference. Suddenly he asked for some water and before you could react, his eyes rolled up and he fell back.
He was immediately taken to the hospital and was declared dead on arrival.
Presumably he was dead instantly.
That scene really shocked me. More than the scene, what shocked me was the insensitivity of the TV Channel in airing the scene. What were they trying to prove? I don't know. All I know is that this channel is competing against, CNN IBN and Times Now and is not doing really well.
They have now added one more member to their detractors. I dislike the channel for showing this scene. I totally object to the scene.

Watch the video clip here. It is shocking. I might delete this post altoghther since I am really anguished by this scene

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