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03 December 2007

Baby's first words!!

"My wife is teaching our newborn to say 'Papa' " My friend Jai told me ecstatically
I couldn't but feel sympethetic with his predicament.....
My dear Jai, can't you see that you are being conned here? That your wife is playing a dirty trick on you. Poor you, on cloud nine...Little does you know...
Let us take this teaching the baby to say 'Papa' to the logical conclusion. We all know that the chances are that an average baby will choose the prime time of midnight (when all the world is in slumber) to scream. And what will the baby say when she screams? She will say the word she has been taught to say. And what is that? 'Papa'. The baby will scream 'Papa' and what will your wife (snuggling to the pillow, shall we say?) tell you? "Baby is calling you. Get up and see what she wants". And you will have to get up, change the diapers, prepare baby food (they eat only at midnight!!!) and feed the baby.
What happens? Your sleep is lost. Next day, your boss wonders whether 'everyone' was awake when he was discussing an important project.
Why did all this happen? Because your baby was taught to say 'Papa'.
And you are ecstatic. Wake up man. Understand that you are being taken for a grand ride here.

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