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08 December 2007

IT Small Talk!!!

Overheard in the cafeteria of an IT Organization in Bangalore..

Participants: Shyama Sunder, Vasu Acharya and Zeeshan Ali, all Project Managers. Zeeshan is new to the organization and has come from another domain. The other two are organization veterans who has done a stint at QMS.

Shyama Sunder is in a melancholy mood as he is sipping coffee with his friend Vasu and Zeeshan in the Cafeteria.

Vasu: Why are you looking sad, Shyama?
Shyama: My SQA has raised an NCR on my project
Vasu: Why, you did not update your PPR?
Shyama: No, the ETC of my project was overshot
Vasu: Why, any PIR?
Shyama: No PIRs, a few CRs which were not updated
Vasu: That would have changed your EE
Shyama: Yes it did. I did not update my CAR

…….. Melancholic Silence in the Cafeteria…..

Shyama: Yesterday my boss bashed me….
Vasu: Why?
Shyama: My project is in Red and I am yet to raise RAG in EPM for it. The boss accused me of underestimating the PRs and not reflecting the same in PPR.
Vasu: That should have been a major NCR?
Shyama: Yes it was. Significant mismatch between EV and EVa. I was able to convince the DDR that it was not my fault. So he did not raise it as an NCR but as an observation.
Vasu: Was there no QCR attached to your project?
Shyama: No. It is a small project, Tier 2 type MIP.
Vasu: There is some confusion in my project.
Shyama: Thank god that there are others in this world with problems……..
Vasu: There is some confusion between the BEW and BEWP. Which one should be the budgeted work?
Shyama: Well, I think BEWP should be the budgeted work and not BEW. That will help you to calculate the EV.
Vasu: Don’t talk to me about EV. I am getting so many notifications on my Project EV. I am sick of that word.
Shyama: What is the WRD of your project? How many MA and how many MI defects.
Vasu: I have to update the EPM on that. I think my project RE is over 90%. But my DL is 40%.
Shyama: Oh, that is not good. What happened? By the way, have you updated DTS?
Vasu: Not yet. Too many sites to be updated for a single project…
Shyama: Have you done the PCB for you project?
Vasu: I don’t think that you need to do the PCB for a project. It is more at the organization level.
Shyama: May be MRB will take a look at this…
Vasu: May be they will. In the meantime let us finish the coffee and keep an eye on PAL for any updates…..

Zeeshan (who is new to the organization): What are you guys talking about? The only ETC I know is etc., PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board, DL is Driving License for my CAR and I have heard that in Spain they show red RAG to the bull and you are my PALs…..

VASU and Shyama: Welcome to IT Zeeshan.

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