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29 January 2008

View from Bogota: Quality of medical facilities

I was chatting with Luis Mario, when he got a call from his son.
Luis Mario is my project manager. A very nice and contented individual, he is fun to be with. He has been with the organization for the last four years. Both his sons are well educated and doing well.
I asked him what the call was about.
"My son had nasal bleeding. He called up to say that he went to the doctor and has been advised that it is no problem. He need to take two days rest."
I enquired regarding the quality of medical facilties in Colombia.
"It is very good", replied Luis Mario, "the quality of medical profession in Colombia is supposed to be the best in Latin America. In fact, we get a lot of patients from Canada and North America since Colombia provides top quality health care at very low rates".
"What are the main specializations here?" I queried
"We are good at Cardio, Medicine, Heart Transplant, Opthalmology and of course 'static' surgery (Plastic Surgery). In fact many ladies from Canada come here for plastic surgery". He informed me.
Luis Mario was silent for a moment. Weighing his words probably.
"In fact," Luis Mario continued "Cali, the place I live is in the valley of three mountains. Most of the women here have undergone plastic surgery that Cali is known as the 'Silicon Valley' of Colombia."

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