23 May 2012

What gets your goat?...

As per, the phrase 'Get your goat' means 'to make you annoyed or angry'.
Everyone have things that get their goat, actions of others that annoys you, or some bad habits that irritates you. 
You know what gets my goat? Inefficiency...
Incompetence, bad planning....
Let me give you an example.
Our organization was celebrating our company day. The days falls in the month of July. July is the monsoon month in India and we have incessant rains with thunder storms and strong, gusty winds. The function was planned in this weather.
Not only the function was planned in monsoon, it was also conducted in a large hall open on all sides except the top.
Just as our CEO started his speech, as expected,  the rain started pouring. Along with that, the wind started blowing real hard. So all the people sitting on the wind side of the hall started moving towards the drier side. The atmosphere was filled with the sound of chairs being pushed around, people scrambling to move out of the path of the wind, ladies drying their clothes....
What a mess..
All through, our CEO kept talking. Just when everyone had settled down, the power went off.
And there was no backup generator !!
And finally, to top it all, our dinner was planned in open air and they had no backup plans. It was a funny site to see the waiters in rain coats and hoodies frantically trying to serving soups and salads to a scrambling public.
Suffice to say that no one could get a 'whiskey on the rocks' that day !
We are a project implementation organization. We are supposed to manage projects, anticipate risks and take mitigation steps. 
And we couldn't even plan a simple 4 hour event in a rainy season when rain and thunder showers is not just a risk, it is a certainty. That is inefficiency.
That gets my goat.
I observed the same level of inefficiency today.
We had gone to attend a function, followed by lunch. There was no planning, no information as to where the lunch was going to be held, there was no one to oversee, we had to wait for almost two hours to complete the lunch and the service was pathetic.
Someone could have owned the whole process and ensured that things were smooth.
No one did. So I had to waste two hours of my time. 
That is inefficiency. That gets my goat.
What about you? What gets your goat?....

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