12 October 2012

About 'Nothing'....

I am caught in my own bind.

One of those days, I committed to myself that I will write one blogpost per day in this blog.

I soldiered on for these few days, with a book review posted, or a post on my travails with E mail etiquette thrown in. I also got an article on self promotion by sounding modest by attributing my success to myself thrown in for good measure.

I called that article 'My Attribution Effect'.

But today, I have shot my bolt. Today, I have nothing to write about.

I have an idea !!. I will write about 'Nothing'.

Hence this post. It is about 'Nothing'.Nothing in particular.

It is not about 'Spiritual Emptiness', it is not about vacuum, it is not about Blackhole, it is not about loneliness,  not about the vast, never ending sea .....

It isn't about anything. It is about 'Nothing'.

How can he write an article on 'Nothing'? you may wonder.

I do too....

In 'Seinfeld', George Constanza came out with an idea of creating an episode based on 'Nothing'. No story.  'It is about Nothing?' the broadcasting house manager asked him. 'Yes', he replied, 'it is about nothing'.

They ran three (as I remember) episodes just about 'Nothing'.

If Seinfeld can, why can't I?

I mean, people write entire books on 'Nothing'. If you are regular reader of Dostoyevsky, you will agree with me. (of course, if you are a regular reader of Dostoyvesky, some people may say that you ARE nothing, or you have 'Nothing' else to do.) If you have read Anna Karinina (I am sure I spelled it wrong) you know what I am talking about. You would have learned nothing and understood nothing. There are many modern writers who write tomes which are 'Nothing' but words in a particular sequence.

Why do I think of Chetan Bhagat, when I wrote that last line?

I am rambling. That is because I have 'Nothing' to say. 

With 'Nothing' to write, and having to write something about 'Nothing', I have a new respect for some of our news paper columnists. 

Like Chetan Bhagat (who is the crowd favorite today), who writes paragraphs of 'Nothing'  on everything. If there is something to say, Chetan Bhagat has a lot of 'Nothing' to say about it. 

And gets paid too.

I know some columnists, who with everything to write about, write about 'Nothing'. I recently read an article on a Fast Food Chain going Veggie, and the whole article was about 'Nothing'. Of course, there were lots of words there. But at the end of it the message was 'I am ambivalent if this chain should go veggie or not'. Fat lot of message, that.

Writing about 'Nothing' forces me to analyse and identify if there is 'Something' that I can write about.

Of course there are a number of them.

Like, I can write about my experiences with investing money in Stock Market.
Like, I can write about the good book that I read recently.
Like, I can write about the BAD book that I read recently
Like, I can write about the courage shown by the 14 year old child
Like, I can write about the 12 important habits that I want to develop
Like, I can write about my dream for my country
Like, I can write about 100 ideas to make more money
Like, I can write about how to start a blog
Like, I can write about my goal of reducing my weight and how I am taking action to achieve that
Like, my opinion on if you should go for Stocks or Investing thru mutual funds
Like, the top 10 Investment related websites in India

You get the gist, don't you? 

There is always 'Something' to write about. 

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