13 October 2012

The weight reduction drive....

I weigh 83 Kgs now. My goal is to weigh 75 Kgs by 29th December, 2012.

I am approaching this scientifically and methodically. It all started with my reading the book 'Goals' by Brian Tracy. I am following each and every step as outlined by Mr.Tracy to achieve this goal. 

The most important first step as per Mr.Tracy is the Goal Statement. As per him, any goal statement should meet the three P's criteria. It should be Personal, Positive and in Present tense. It will help if the goal has a specific timeline associated with it. As per him, one should write down the goal for it to be directly interfaced with the Sub concious and the Super Concious mind. 

Based on this I made my goal statement. It reads as:

"I weigh 75 Kgs by 29th December, 2012"

This meets all the criteria. It is in Present Tense, it is not like 'I wish to weigh' or 'I will weigh' or anything. It simply says 'I weigh'

It is personal. 'I' weigh 75 Kg. You can't get more personal than that.

It is positive, of course.

I also innovated a bit. Whenever we start a goal, we always talk about a specific date which normally is the last date of the some month. Any month. For example, 'I will quit smoking by 31st of March', or 'I will start running from 1st of February'. What happens in such cases is that the date do not register very clearly in the mind. When I put 29th December, there is a clear direction to the Sub and Super Concious minds not to mess with the dates.

As advised by Mr.Tracy, I just went about writing down this goal on paper every day twice, once in the morning and one in the night, just before sleep. One doesn't want one's goals not being achieved just because they are not firmly etched in all the 'concious' minds...

Stands to reason, doesn't it?

Next step in the process is to take action. I paid 14000 of the precious doubloons and joined 'Talwalkers', a gym very close to the place I stay. There is a reason I joined this Gym. This has pan India presence and I can do my exercise in almost all the major cities in India. Since I work out of Mumbai but travel to Bangalore often, since my house is there, a gym with a pan India presence is beneficial to me. Other gyms were cheaper but they have only local presence. 

14000 is for annual membership. Works out to about 1200 per month. If I spend about 350 Calories per day in the gym, in a month I would have expended about 10500 calories, which works out to about 15 paisa per Calorie. Also you get some muscles and some healthy body.

Not a bad deal, that. 

Having paid the doubloons, I am now on a spending spree. I have already purchased two track suits. I also plan to buy a duffel bag. I have also started looking at for some offers on running shoes.

Once you jump into the water, you might as well get fully wet. Go the whole hog...

This is the third or the fourth day at the Gym. It is not very easy. They have all these expert trainers who make sure that no parts of your body are untouched (well except some parts) by their expertise. If there is a muscle to work upon, they would have me work upon that. 

So far only muscle that I knew was 'Abs' That too because of the recent craze for 6 Packs among the bollywood heros. Now I am reading about deltoids and factoids and cuboids....

A few things are sure. I will be going to the Gym almost every day. I plan to work on my muscles and will have some packs by 29th December 2012. Lot of my fat would have been burned and converted to muscles by then.

I don't know if I will touch 75 Kgs. But I know that I would have learned the names of almost all the muscles in my body.

That is progress....


Ram said...

Today is 2nd December. I checked my weight. It is about 81 Kilos. I have lost 3 Kilos in the last 50 days. Progress is slow.

Ram said...

Today is 28 December. I checked my weight. I weigh 80.40 Kg. I have to rewrite my goal. One of the reasons that I did not achieve my goal, I think, is that I did not follow the principles correctly. For example, I did not write down my goals everyday. I found that when I was regularly writing down my goals, I was quite motivated.