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22 July 2013

Khaso ya Hanso...?

This is a naughty story. Supposedly actually happened. Please see the humour in this story...

We were all lined up in front of the OPD in Bhilai Hospital, waiting for our pre-confirmation medical examination to the post of Management Trainees in the 1987 batch of Steel Authority of India (SAIL). The examination consisted of the usual, blood, urine, stool, cardiac...the works. One of the tests was to check for Hernia. The doctor will gently hold your tessticles and ask you to cough. From this action, the doctors are supposed to make out if the candidate is suffering from Hernia.

I followed my friend Saibal Datta (an imaginary fellow) into the OPD. The doctor turned out to be a lady, a pretty young thing at that. Saibal was all aflutter at his balls being held by a pretty young lady. Nervous, was my friend Saibal, as he stood in front of the doc and undressed first his trousers and then the underwear.

The doctor held Saibal's balls and said 'Khanso' which is the hindi word for 'Cough'. 

Poor Saibal. In all his nervousness, heard the PYD (Pretty Young Doc) say 'Hanso', which means 'Laugh'.

With his testicles safely ensconced in the doc's hand, Saibal went like 'Ha Ha Ha Ha...'. 

The doc quickly dropped the balls like they were lump of coal or hand grenade or something. That she was startled will be an understatement.

"What are you doing?" asked the perplexed doc.

"I am doing what you asked me to do", replied the nervous fellow, "you asked me to laugh".

Saibal got it right in the next attempt. 

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