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22 July 2013

The Consultant...

Somewhere in the mid west Texas, a farmer is standing in his farm, smoking a cigar and serenely watching his sheep graze. Suddenly a swanky new Porsche stopped by the farm gate. A tall smart guy alights, professionally dressed in a black coat, a suit and wearing an expensive pair of Rayban Wayfarers. 

The guy approaches the farmer and says, " If I tell you how many sheep you have out there, will you give me one?"

Farmer agrees.

The guy flips out his Mac, connects it to the GPS, zooms in on the farm, measure its area, identifies the unoccupied area in the farm, calculates the area occupied by an average sheep, does some Math....


"You have 427 sheep grazing over there", he announced.

The farmer says, yes that is true.

"Can I have my sheep?" asks the guy.

A deal is a deal. Farmer asks him to pick any sheep. The guy picks the biggest one out there and begins walking aways.

"Wait", says the farmer, "If I tell you your occupation, will you give my animal back?"

The guy agrees.

"You are a consultant with a big five firm", says the farmer

The guy is surprised. Yes, I am a consultant with a big five firm, but how did you know?

"Simple", says the farmer, " First, you come here uninvited. Second, you tell me something that I already know and finally, you have no idea of my business. The animal that you hold in your hand is not a sheep. It is my Sheep dog"


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