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23 July 2013

Of life without a goal....

The other day I was reading an article on writing regularly.

"Write regularly", the author exhorted, "it will structure your thought process ,it will improve your communication, increase your memory and will make you happy"

I want to write. But the problem is, what to write about. What is the topic to write on?

Should I write about my experiences in my past, sort of memoir?

Should I write about my present state, where I am, what I am doing now?

Should I write about my future aspirations and dreams?


Should I not write about me at all? Should I weave stories our of my observations and write about them?

I have this tremendous urge to write, but am stymied as to the topic that I will write on.

Suddenly I realized that this is exactly what a life without goals will look like.

A person without goals will have a lot of energy and enthusiasm to do something. 'Kucch kar dikhana hai' (I have to do something) he will tell himself. He is charged up and raring to go. He has the energy to do it and the will to do it. He desperately wants to 'just do it'.


He doesn't know what to do. Has no clear goals and no plan of action.

So what happens?

He starts by doing something. Since he is not clear of what he wants to do, he doesn't plan. Hence he fails.

Society observes this. It brands him a failure. He brands himself a failure.

He doesn't realize that he failed precisely because he did not have any goal or a plan.

What he should be doing is to learn lessons from failure and improvise. He should try to identify a clear goal and prepare a plan of action and move on. 

But because he doesn't have a goal or a plan of action, all that energy is wasted. He joins the next available job out there.

Just like you don't write because you don't know what to write about. You want to write but you don't know what to write about. So you end up writing junk or not writing at all. 

It is better to continue writing. It is better to continue trying.

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