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11 October 2013

30 Days, 30 Veggies: Day 3: Cabbage Poriyal

I find preparing Cabbage very messy. Cabbage is very demanding vegetable. It always need a partner. And also any South Indian Cabbage preparation requires grated coconut.

It is tedious to grate coconuts. Having been from the land of Kerala, which literally mean the 'Land of Coconuts'.I find the grated Coconut available off the shelf in Super Markets lacking in taste and aroma.

Neither will I grate coconuts, nor will I by it Off the Shelf. Talk of Dog in the manger and all that.

If it were not for the fact that I had decided to prepare one different vegetable every day, probably I would not have touched Cabbage with a barge pole.

As it happened, (these things always happen that way only !!) I had all the three ingredients to prepare Cabbage Poriyal, Cabbage, Green Peas and Grated Coconut.

So I said to myself, why not?

There is a Hindi saying, 'Kal kare tho Aaj, Aaj Kare tho Abb', which loosely translated means 'Do not procrastinate'. So, I asked myself, why not?

Here goes my recipe for the Cabbage Poriyal, which means Cabbage Fry. You can read the Tarla Dalal Recipe Here


Cabbage, thinly sliced, two cups
Green Peas, half a handful
Grated Coconut, a bit
Urad Dal, half a tea spoon
Mustard, a pinch
Jeera, a pinch
Curry leaves, a few
Green Chilly, one or two, slit
Salt to taste
Ginger, grated, half a spoon
Oil, a little bit
Haldi Powder, a pinch


  1. Sock the Green Peas overnight in water so that they are soft in the morning. 
  2. Heat the frying pan and add oil
  3. Once the oil heats up, add Jeera, Urad Dal , mustard and curry leaves and saute till mustard splutters completely
  4. Add Cabbage, mutter, grated coconut, haldi powder, chilly slit, Salt and Ginger (basically dump all the rest) and cook in medium heat for about 10-12 minutes, occasionally stirring.
  5. Poriyal is ready !!

It turned out to be better than I thought, There was a good mix of aromas. The aroma of grated coconut, Curry Leaves and Ginger, mixed together is very good.

Health Benefits of Cabbage

Cabbage has a lot of awesome benefits. It is an anti-oxidant which lowers cholesterol in the blood, it has anti-inflammatory properties, it prevents Cancer, it is good for the digestive tract etc. It's nutrients are better preserved if steamed rather than fried.

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