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16 October 2013

Life Secret 2: Leave no regrets

You must read the following posts before you read this post

Having no regrets means to move towards what we want rather than move away from what we fear. Regret is generated in the process of NOT taking sufficient risks for the fear of failure. Paradoxically we can guarantee failure merely by choosing not to try at all. 

To lead a life of no regret we must take more risks. The trick is to take more risks in the direction of what we want. How can we do that? How can we ensure that we take risks in the direction of what we want?

The approach followed by Elsa, a 70 year old woman, who, when faced with a risk will weigh the largest good outcome and the worst possible outcome that she can face when she takes the risk. She will take the risk if the largest positive outcome outweigh the worst possible outcome and she felt confident that she can handle the worst possible outcome.

As per a well known spiritual guru, we must 'chose the path that makes the best story'. 

We must try for things that we want in our lives because we wont regret trying and failing. Also as interviews with a number of wise people show, many of the regrets in life relate to people in our lives, to the issues not resolved, to words not spoken or to the broken relationship not healed.

Having said the above, it is also important to know how to handle regrets. It is important to know that in most cases we did the best we knew how to do at the time we acted. It is better to forgive ourselves and to let go. The happiest people in this book were the ones that had come to peace with their lives.

Regret also plays a positive role. The positive role played by regret is that it helps us know what is important for us and knowing that can keep us from a deeper pool of regret in future. 

Here are the questions relating to Life Secret 2: Leave no regrets

1. Did I act out of fear today or this week? How do I want to be more courageous tomorrow or next week?

2. Did I act on my convictions this week? How do I want to act on these more deeply this week?

3. What step would I take in my life right now if I were acting with courage, not fear? What might I do differently now if I were living from the perspective of an old person on the porch looking back at my life?

4. How am I responding to the setbacks in my life right now? Am I stepping forward or retreating?

Wish all my readers a purposeful life !!!

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