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16 October 2013

Life Secret 3: Become Love

I recommend that you read the following three posts before you reading this one.

To become love is to become a loving person. we can live out this secret in three ways.
  • Choose to love ourselves
  • Choose to act with love to those closest to us
  • Choose to become love in all our interactions
The part of loving ourselves start with seeing ourselves as being worthy of love. For some of us it comes naturally due to our loved upbringing, but for others it is difficult. The way to love ourselves is by filling our minds with positive thoughts. 

The  author talks of a story int he Navajo tradition. An old Navajo told his grandson that there is a fight going on inside him. He said that it was a fight between two wolves. One wolf is evil. It is the wolf of anger, resentment, envy, sorrow, greed and all other negative thought and feelings. The other wolf is good. It is the wolf of joy, peace, love, hope, humility and all the good thoughts and feelings. The grandson asked, " Grandpa, which wolf wins the fight?" Grandfather replied, " the wolf that wins is the wolf that I chose to feed".

So feed the good wolf in you.

The second part of becoming love is about making love a priority. Many people ignore those around them in their quest for success in their careers. Learn to treat those you love with a lot of respect.

It is not easy to do that. A study shows that in an average family the ration of negative messages to positive messages is 14 to 1. The same study found that in a long-term, healthy marriage, the same ratio is 1 to 7. 

The questions on becoming love are:

1. Did I make room for friends , family and relationship today / this week? Did I allow things to be more important than people?

2. Was I kind and loving today / this week to people closest to me? How do I want to be more loving to them tomorrow or this week?

3. Did I spread love and kindness in the world today / this week in each interaction? Did I act as if each stranger was someone for whom I could make a difference?

4. Which of my wolves did I feed today / this week? Did I spent time with people who lift my spirits Did I act with love towards myself today / this week? Did I engage in negative self-talk? Am I planting flowers or weeds in my self-conscious mind?

Wish all my readers a purposeful life !!!

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