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16 October 2013

Life Secret 4: Live the moment

I recommend that you read the following posts before you read this one.

'Live the moment' means to live fully our lives without judging ourselves or without focusing on the past or the future. It is to enjoy each moment and live with gratitude and purpose. It means to see each of our living moments as a gift.

In his book 'Power of Now', Eckhart Tolle talks about people living in different times. A very few people focus on living 'Now', which is the 'Physical Time'. Most of the people live most of their lives either in the past, 'It could have been, I could have..., I should have...' etc, or in future, 'I am going to do..., we will see' etc. Mr.Tolle calls these time 'Psychological time'. Ideally people should spend most of their lives in the physical time, but unfortunately it doesn't happen that way for many people and they end up living their lives in the psychological time.

Coming back to this book, in the words of one of the wise men, 'Live the moment' means to banish the word BORING from our vocabulary and take in all that every moment has to offer. Seneca, Roman Philosopher says, 'We should live each day as a separate life'. Each day is not a step on the way to destination, it is the destination. We begin to 'Live the moment' when we recognize that each day is a gift and not ruin it by living in the past or the future. There is a difference between 'Living our lives' and 'Planning our lives'. We should not be 'Getting through life' in the hope that we will become happy IF or that we will be happy WHEN.

Present moment is the only moment that we have any control on. We have no power to change the past. We have no control on what we will face in future. Of course we can plan and take action NOW to turn our future in a direction that we desire. But planning and taking action NOW is a part of 'Living NOW in the moment'.

To practice living in the moment, we must train and discipline our minds. Meditation can be used to train our minds to focus on the present.

An average human being has about 40-60000 thoughts a day. Since thoughts shape who we are, it is important for us to put in positive thoughts to get the best results. 

Living in the moment means choosing to be in a place of gratitude. Of being thankful for what we have and not focus on what we do not have. 

Here are the questions to ponder as we live the moment.

1. Did I fully enjoy what I was doing this day / week? Was I really 'here' or did I just show up?

2. Did I take every pleasure that was available to me today / this week. Did I walk with awareness through my life or did I just run?

3. What am I grateful for about today / this week? Did I find myself saying 'I would be happy if..."? Did I choose contentment and happiness this wee?

4. Did I live in the present today / this week? Did I let tomorrow steal the day's happiness?

Wish all my readers a purposeful life !!!

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