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28 February 2014

Creating Artificial Intelligence...

I don't know about you. But artificial intelligence freaks me out.

It all started after I watched 'Terminator 1: Rise of the machines'. All those ugly looking machines with AI and potential to commit mass destruction ? Oh my god.

On top of that there is regular news about USA sending drones to kill its enemies?Pilotless aircrafts sowing seeds of destruction?

Oh my god. OH MY GOD....

What if machines can replace man one day? What if the average human mind cannot overcome the intelligence of those machines? It has happened already. The latest Chess playing computer from IBM can think like a person. Every time it loses a match, it remembers the wrong move and commits the right move to the memory so that it doesn't make the same mistake twice. It 'Learns' from its failures.

Day and night I am crammed with the thought of AI and machines that can create havoc. I have to prove that AI cannot think like a man. I need to test it out somewhere.

I live on the fifth floor of our building. There are two lifts in the apartment.You can choos either of them. I wanted to see if I can code a logic into the way I choose a lift. I reasoned that there should be some point in the lift choosing program where a machine cannot replicate my thought processes.

I started my analysis the next day. 

As I got out of my house, one lift was already waiting in my floor. So I got on to it. I wrote the logic for the 'Lift Selection Program' in my note book, 'If a lift is already waiting at your floor, choose that lift'. I can program a machine to follow that logic.

The next day one lift was in 4th Floor and the other lift was in 7th floor. Obviously I choose the one on the 4th floor. Why? Because it was nearer. Logic? 'Calculate the difference between my floor and the current lift floor. Choose the lift where the difference was lower'. 

I did my math. My current floor is 5. One lift is in 4th floor, so 5 minus 4 equals 1. The other lift is in 7th floor, so 5 minus 7 is -2 which is lower than 1, so should I be choosing the lift on the 7th floor.? 

Something was wrong. I changed my logic to 'Calculate the absolute value of the difference between my floor and the current lift floor and choose the lift for which the absolute value is lower'.

Now it made sense. And made me more frantic. I was finding that it is possible for AI to replace human mind. 

Believe me, I tried all the permutations and combinations. I decided that I liked one lift the better. I found that it can be handled in my LSP by adding a priority master. I thought that I should choose the lift which is nearer to my home. Logic? Find the distance from my home to the lift and choose the one that is lesser distance. 

To beat the program, I decided to choose lifts randomly. That became another challenge. I will spent about five minutes, before I choose the lift, trying to decide which lift I was going to open randomly today. The programmer beat me to it. He added the 'Random()' function to the code to handle the random nature of my decision making. 

I like my lift to be empty, unless it has a hot, sexy lady in it (Which is rare in our apartment). Programmer added the 'IF - ELSE' code. 'If Lift.Contain(Hot.Sexy.Lady) then Enter() ELSE ignore()'

By now it was becoming pretty evident that it is very easy to replicate my thought process in the code. One way it was gratifying. It proved that I possessed a logical thinking process. However, the other aspect, that I was not special and that one junior java developer can write a code to replicate my thoughts and decision making process was disconcerting. 

By now my lift selection process was becoming a bit of a burden. Instead of taking the simple step of selecting a lift, I was getting into all sorts of mental contortions to beat the Lift Selection Program. 

It reached a crescendo the other day. I spent a tottured 5 minutes allowing Lifts to come and go while I was devising ways of beating the LSP. At one point I gave up.

'FXXX You, I will take the stairs'

And that my friends, no program can replicate. 

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