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24 February 2014

Three ways to 'Remove Negativity' from your life....

The readers of this blog know that the theme of this blog is about 'Personal Growth as a Journey which we take together'. We experience together, sharing lessons that we learnt on our Journey of Life...

One of the most important aspects in this journey is how do we remove negativity from our lives. We all would be better individuals if we are able to do that. Over the last two days I learnt two ways in which you do that. I learned the third approach when I read the book 'The Pilgrimage' written by Paulo Coelho (POW-loo KWAY-lew).

As per the article Things You Should Change In Your Language To Change Your Life Forever | Life Hacker India, the first step in removing negativity is to speak the correct language. The author exhorts us to observe our language, the tone, tenor, language, key words etc as we speak. That observation and the concomitant awareness will smoothly take us to the next step which is to remove negative statements from your language,

If you are in the habit of starting your sentence with, for example, 'I don't...', you could well flip it over and start taking positive. Instead of saying 'I don't want to be late...', you could say 'I am always on time'.

Another step is never to complete negative statements.  If you observe, we do it all the time. If a negative thought appears in our mind, we try to remove the thought from our mind and replace them with positive thoughts.  Try to make this a habit.

Complaints and justifications add to your negativity. Always try to look positive and never to focus on negative. It is very easy to complain. We are all wired to complain about stuff that we think are wrong. But, try shifting your focus to what is positive. Try to find good in people and situations. That way, your mind will have no space for negativity.

The next article ( Talk to Yourself Using "You" or Your Name for Better Introspection | Life Hacker India)  is on how to motivate yourself when you are prepping for an assignment. Psychologist at Michigan State University find that speaking to you in second person pronouns statements are better at helping motivation. Instead of saying 'I can do that' it is more effective to say 'You can do that' or 'Rahul can do that'.

These findings demo that small shifts in the language you use regularly can significantly change your feelings and emotions and can improve your positivity and hence productivity. 

The next question that you will ask me is this. 'It is all fine not to think of negative thougts when I am emotionally down and depressed. Is there anything that I can do that will transfer me from negative to positive? At least remove negativity?'.

That is a good question. In his book 'The Pilgrimage', author Paolo Coelho, talks about a pilgrimage that he undertook with his mentor, named as Petreus, to a Spanish Pilgrimage town of 'Santiago De Compostala' (This was the place where the horrible train crash occurred, if you remember). In one of the Chapters, his mentor gives him advice on how to remove negativity. 

'The negativity in our minds causes pain. This is an emotional pain and is equally painful but with more emotional damage than the physical pain. Just as you forget a small pain in some part of the body with a more intense pain in some other parts of the body, a process called 'Transference', you can remove the emotional pain by transfering it to physical pain'.

'Every time you feel an emotional pain, you press the soft part between the nail and the skin of your index finger. This will cause a physical pain will lead to transference of your emotional pain to the physical pain. Over a period of time, you will start associating your negative thoughts with physical pain and since phsical pain is uncomfortable, you will stop the factor which caused it, which is the emotional pain caused due to negative thoughts.'

Another way to transfer emotional pain to physical pain is by tying a rubberband to your arm. Everytime you have negative thoughts, pull the band and let go. It  will cause a physical pain in your arm and over the period of time, you will remove the stimulus that caused the physical pain vis. your negative thoughts.

That is it. In summary, these are the three ways you can remove negativity.

1. Always talk positive. At least stop talking negative.
2. Motivate yourself by talking to you in second person or your name.
3. Transfer your emotional pain to physical pain.

Trust that this article had been useful for you. Please comment liberally if you found it suitable and it helped you. After all that is what this blog is all about...

Did this article help you? How do you handle negativity in your life? Have you observed as to what causes negativity in your life?  Do comment. Your responses may be of use to someone...

Check out my article on 'Evernote'. I used it to collate ideas for this blog post. 

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