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15 March 2014

Rise of the machines II

I had written a post on Artificial Intelligence a few days back. In that post, I had discussed on how I was freaking out by the possibility of machine taking over our lives and how I finally found out a way of defeating those monstrous machines...

The machines read the post. And they decided to take action....

The action was well co-ordinated. It started off with my TV.

I have two TVs in my house. I love watching Boston Legal, a series on Legal Professionals, airing on Starworld. Today morning I switched on my TV with a leisurely cuppa in my hand, and started Starworld. The program started and then my TV started behaving erratically. 

While the program was going on suddenly the screen went blank. Nor video, neither audio. After about 15 seconds the reception became normal. It went off again after about 5 minutes and came back after another 15 seconds.

Like a bloody peekaboo or something....

I switched on the other TV. 'Unable to receive the signal', came the message.

TVs were leading the war.

Given that TVs were revolting, I decided to get some actual work done. I had to submit a document for some official purpose. I thought that I would edit the PDF Document and take a printout. I opened the site '', an online PDF editor. The document that I had to edit contained 4 pages. It takes a lot of patience to edit a PDF Document in this site. It took me almost an hour to complete the online editing. 

Having finally done editing, I downloaded it on to my Desktop and I opened it, only to see that the formatting had gone haywire and rendered the document useless.

Since I had some urgency, I thought that I would take a printout of the blank document and edit it by hand. My printer is connected to my WiFi network. I gave the 'Print' command. You know what is coming. Lo and behold. the Printer is not working.

Since I had to get the printouts, I sent my son to the neighbour's house to take a printout. While he was out, I thought that I would browse the web.

The machines must have been livid with me. They did not give me even a minute of relief. The internet refused to bow to my tune.

This was as good a coordination as the best. My TV was leading the revolt and it had conspired with my Printer, my modem and the other TV to deny me any pleasure.

And no messages. Printer did not tell me why it was not working. What can you make of a message like 'Your printer is not available'? If the message were more logical or intuitive like 'Toner down' or something, one would know what to do. Same with the TV. Suddenly switches off in the middle of the program. No messages. 

Like a sulking woman who will not tell you what is the issue and will say 'Nothing' if you asked her what is the issue, these machines were sulking. 

Now it is almost night time. The entire day was spent TV Less, Printer Less and Internet Less. 

I am sure that in the middle of the night my fan would conk off. 'Ha Ha' it would say, 'You should have known this when you wrote that article'.

And I will be spending a sleepless night, I am sure...

Update: Power went off for sure at night, albeit for five minutes...

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Although you intended this as humorous (and it is!), it could actually happen. What I mean is if something happened, like a war in space, that damaged communication systems based in space. What would happen to our society if internet, tv, etc. were suddenly knocked out? Complete chaos!