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04 March 2014

Why I am proud of Indian Police......

About 3 months ago, the cousin of the lady who comes to clean my house was hit by a truck at night. In this 'Hit and run' case, the driver of the truck vanished into the night.

This was a major accident, and the injured person spent about two months in hospital. The poor family had to spent a lot of money on hospital care.

Yesterday the lady came and told me that the Police had arrested the culprit, impounded the truck and the owner of the truck paid them 60000 rupees to cover the hospital expenses.

It made me very proud of the Indian Police. The wheels of justice turn in this country, may be slowly, but that is understandable in a messy country like ours with such huge population. 

Today, I read in the papers that Police has arrested the murderer Esther Anuhya, an Employee with TCS in Mumbai who was stabbed to death about a month ago. This was a sensational case where the lady who came to Mumbai from Machilipatanam in Andhra Pradesh was found murdered in the Mumbai Suburbs. Police arrested Chandra Bhan Sanap or Choukya. After the murder, Choukya was hiding in his home town of Nashik from where police arrested him. 

The way things work in India is they work slow. But they work, definitely. Common man may have a negative perception about Indian Police System, but as these examples show, the system works and works very effectively. 

There are many such cases where the Police System has delivered. Just look at the massive task of managing traffic in Indian cities. The police system works exceptionally well here.

So here is my three cheers to Indian Police system. Indian Police? They rock...

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