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12 May 2016

A commitment to democracy.....

There is a leading doctor in Bangalore, one of the few in India whose work is highly regarded. More than one chapter in Medical Text books are devoted to his work. He is originally from Tamil Nadu and is currently working in Bangalore.

He is over 70 years old and is still practicing. Of late, ever since the elections were announced, he was stressed out. He is very busy with surgeries and has hardly any free time. However he wanted to vote in the Tamil Nadu elections. Unlike many of us and those experts on Social Media, who only talk and do not do, he did not want to waste his vote. So despite his very busy schedule, and despite the extreme heat that he will encounter in Tamil Nadu (we have only three types of weather in Tamil Nadu, hot, hotter, hottest !!!) he took two days leave to go to his native place in TN to cast his vote.

If that is not commitment to democracy, I don't know what is !!!

Hats off to you, doctor...

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