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10 May 2016

The Dream that I had yesterday...

Today is 7th August 2014.

Of late I have been very seriously thinking of leaving my job and doing two things. One, start a 'One Person Company' (OPC) and Two, starting on my own Consulting Practice. 

In fact I have been thinking about this for about an year now. There are two things that is holding me back from taking the next step. One is my current job. It is a good job, well paying, with a lot of autonomy. Second is that my family is not very supportive of my idea to go on my own. 

What I don't like about my current job is that it is in Mumbai and my family is in Bangalore. I want to move back to Bangalore and rejoin my family.

Emotionally I want to quit today. Intellectually, my current job, the pay, the fear that I will take time to settle down in my new role are holding me back. How will I handle my regular payments including my mortgage payments? I know that I will succeed exceptionally well if I start on my own.

Heart says quit. Intuition says quit. Head says stay on...

This is the background on which I saw this dream.

I am standing on top of hill and am all alone. There is another hill nearby and I have to jump to the next hill. The jump is dangerous. I am waiting there desperately wanting to jump to the next hill but afraid of the chasm between the hills. One my left side is another smaller hill. My guru is sitting there. I look down at my Guru for guidance. 'Jump', my guru says, 'You will be easily able to cross over. Do not think about the Chasm below. You are not going to fall'.

As I wake up, I am still indecisive. I am yet to jump.

This dream exactly summarizes my current situation. I am on top of a hill which is my current job. I am already on top. I am interested in jumping to the next hill which is taller. The height of the next hill shows that in my mind, the transition will be a progress. The Chasm shows that I will be totally moving to a new way of working and leaving my current approach behind. 

What does the fact that Guru is sitting on a smaller hill to my left and that I have to look down to the guru indicate? I think that the Guru in my dream is my heart. My heart is asking me to have confidence in my intuition and to take the next step. That I am on the top of hill and am not able to decide shows that my head is intellectualizing and creating a lot of worries and fear in my mind. That I am alone on the hill indicates that this is a decision that I and only I can make. My heart is telling me to take the next step. As per the book 5 Secrets you must discover before you die, the first secret is to Follow the Heart. 

Signal is very clear. I should take the next decision immediately. I am not going to fail, in fact I am going to be an exceptional success in my job. 

That is what my heart is telling me.

And my heart has never been wrong.

PS:Today is 10th May 2016. It took me another two months to listen to the advice from my heart and resign from my job. I have started doing Independent Consulting. Though the opportunities are few and far between, which only shows that I have to improve on my marketing, I am enjoying my freedom.

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