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12 November 2017

This is India....

We were planning to watch 'Murder in the Orient Express' movie, my team mates and I.

One of our team members was unenthusiastic.

"I hope this movie is not a sequel", he said.

We assured him that this was the original and not the sequel.

"This is my second english movie ever. The first one I watched was Fast and Furious 7. There were regular references to prequels and I did not understand most of it since I had not watched them", he made a kind of passing comment.

We were shocked. This was his second English movie, like ever...

I had watched three English movies in the last one month and this guy had seen only one English movie in his life. We were incredulous.

What about Hindi movies?

"My first Hindi movie was 'Soldier' starring Bobby Deol and Preity Zinta. Preity used to be Pretty then", he said

Why? How is it that he has seen very few movies?

He was born and brought up in Uttarakhand, a state in North India. In the village he grew up in (and in nearby villages), there were no movie theatres. He watched Soldier when he went to the City with his dad...

Gentlemen and ladies, I give you India. On the one hand you have cities like Mumbai  and Bangalore, where people fight to increase night life, and here we have places like the one where my friend came from, where there are no movie halls.

So when you discuss, argue with someone, keep this in mind. He may be coming from a totally different environment with its own perspectives and value systems.

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