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16 October 2013

Life Secret 1: Be true to yourself

You should read THIS POST before reading this post.

As discussed in his book reviewed here, Mr.John Izzo talks of five secrets that a person must discover in his life time. The first secret is 'Be true to yourself'.

We have to be true to ourselves and live the life with intention. We have to live the life that we want to and follow our hearts. To be true to ourselves, we must choose to live our lives awake. We must continuously examine to see if our life is on target and if we are moving towards what we want. We have to continuously examine if our lives are going in the right direction and keep making corrections and adjustments on the way. 

To be true to ourselves, we must consistently and regularly ask these three critical life questions.

"Am I following my heart and being true to myself?"
"Is my life focused on things that matter to me?"
"Am I being the person that I want to be in this world?"

One of the most common ways in which we are not being true to ourselves is by inculcating the habit of 'running away from what we fear'. Most of us always try to avoid the things that we fear. In the Indian context, in search of the elusive 'Job security' we stick on to that boring government job that pay us less and satisfy us even lesser. 

Instead of 'Running away from what we fear', we should be 'Moving towards what we want'. We should identify what we want and constantly move towards that objective. 

The simplest way to be true to ourselves over a lifetime is to be true to ourselves each day. As the saying goes 'how we live our day is how we live our lives'. Do things everyday that moves us closer to what we want, our destiny. At the end of of each day, when we are tired, ask ourselves if we are 'Good Tired', having done things that we enjoyed and felt worthwhile, or we are 'Bad Tired', doing stuff that did not get us closer to our destiny.

Whether we are 'Good Tired' or 'Bad Tired' doesn't matter. What is important is that we never stop asking the above three questions to ourselves. If we keep asking these questions, we will find our answer and through that contentment.

The author gives us the following set of questions that we must think about each week.

1. Did this week / day feel like my kind of week / day? What would make tomorrow or next week fee more true?

2. Was I the kind of person that I want to be this week? In what way do I want to be more like the kind of person that I want to be tomorrow or next week?

3. Am I following my heart right now? what would it mean for me to really follow my heart right now?

4. How do I want to live this secret more deeply next week

Wish all you readers a purposeful life !!!

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